New Year for the Kids.


Today, my kids started their new school year and I almost made it out of the building without any tears, but when I went to say goodbye to my daughter, I lost that battle. I love my kids and am thankful that they are healthy and growing, but I would like to slow time down just a little bit.

My youngest started his second year and has big brother’s teacher from last year. He is just as cute and lovable as ever and I know that he will make sure his teacher has all the hugs she needs as she goes through this year. He will also keep her on her toes, given that he loves to climb and has rightfully earned the nickname “monkey boy.” I know before I blink that he will be ending this year and will probably be taller than his older siblings and will be talking up a blue streak.

My middle son started his third year and is right next door to his little brother. His teacher shared that he and little brother had a great time playing together on the slide. My middle child will always look out for his younger brother and he loves to be a “big helper” to anyone who will let him help. This one is also our little entertainer and is definitely daddy’s “mini me” in almost all ways. Can’t wait to hear to his teacher share stories about how he had the teacher and the class laughing. He definitely has a huge heart and a larger than life personality.

Last, but certainly not least, is my daughter. This is her fourth and final year at this school. I am still having a hard time believing that she is in her last year, thus the tears this morning. She is so confident in who she is and would spend all of her time with friends if we let her. she is a natural born leader and our little social butterfly. My husband and I were given a form to fill out for her that asks some basic information about what she likes and our goals for her for this school year. Part of me wants to write out a long list of academic goals, but the other part of me wants her to enjoy just being a little girl before she has to start “big girl school” aka kindergarten in the fall. She loves life and loves to learn and has a grand imagination.

In talking with my sister, I have a nephew starting middle school and my niece starting high school next month. (They are lucky and MI state law does not allow school to start until after the Labor Day holiday). It’s hard to believe that they have grown up so much and so quickly. It seems just like yesterday that they were the same age as my kids and I was visiting them over a break, reading them books and doing night night songs with them and now they are all grown up and ready for new adventures.

My nephew and my middle son are so much alike and share so many personality traits. He is smart and loves all things geeky. He also likes to spend time with friends, but very much enjoys coming home and spending time at home with just the family. Looking forward to hearing about all his new adventures this school year.

Then there is my lovely niece. She is also quite the social butterfly and loves to spend time with her friends and getting involved in several different activities. My heart about stopped when my sister told me that she is taking driver’s ed this summer. How did my little preemie of a niece become old enough to take driver’s ed? She loves dance and theater and also has a large personality.

Looking back over many years, including when my niece and nephew were little, it’s hard to believe that the years have flown by as fast as they have. I was telling my sister in a phone conversation, that if time has gone by as quickly as it has with my niece and nephew growing up, I can only imagine how quickly it will go by with my own children.

My sister and brother-in-law have set the bar pretty high when it comes to marriage and raising wonderful children. No, they are not perfect, but they have worked and set limits even it was not the most popular thing to do. My niece and nephew are loving, caring and helpful young adults and I can only hope that my children follow in their footsteps.

My prayer for all five kids and my hubby’s nieces and nephews is that they all have a wonderful school year and experience many wonderful adventures.


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