Aug 1st and a Mixed Ball of Emotions.


It’s Aug 1st and I will be honest, that I felt a little lost when I woke up this morning. Typically, today would have my alarm going off around 5:30a and me heading out the door a little before 7:00a, attempting to eat breakfast while choking back tears and the overwhelming feelings of mommy guilt. I would pull into the parking lot, give myself a little pep talk, telling myself that the kids are in great hands with their father and there are little people in this school that I need to help. I would look in the mirror to make sure my face wasn’t too blotchy, put on my happy camper face and walk into the school ready to face a new year.

This morning, I was actually able to sleep until almost 7:00a, which in our house, is a total luxury. Munchkin came in curled up beside me and we talked and watched videos on my hubby’s phone until almost 8:00a. At this point I went to living room and hung out w/ the boys until my hubby came home from walking the dog and then we all ate a breakfast of cereal together as a family. This is semi typical of a summer morning for us, but not so much as what would be considered a work day for me. I was here to put kids down for naps and was here when they woke up. I was here to fix them lunch and was able to watch my boys do all of the moves on “Tree Fu Tom” and have them excitedly tell me that they were “big helpers to Tom.” Right now, they are all in munchkin’s room happily playing with her doll house.

I looked on Facebook this morning and saw all of the back to school posts and pictures, and the posts of my former school based therapist co-workers seemed to jump off the screen at me. They were heading to their perspective schools and I was home. Home, a place where I have longed to be since my three precious children were born. A place where I feel like I am making more of an eternal difference than in the work place. Also, today, home feels a little off. I feel excited about the possibilities ahead, being home w/ my husband and children, helping out more at my kids’ school and more hands on with things on the home front overall. But, it also brings about feelings of confusion, frustration and yes, even a little guilt. Still trying to wrap my head around how I even landed in this position. Frustration, that another company didn’t call me back for a second interview, no phone calls from other resumes submitted and somewhat feeling guilty over the fact that I am not longer contributing financially to the family. Also, feeling completely relieved that I am in a new chapter and no longer dealing with the mommy guilt about spending so much of the week with children other than my own.

I still don’t know what the future holds or where the Lord will lead, but I do know that my husband and I have seen the Lord’s hand over us all summer. Shortly after we made the decision for me to stop pursuing another full time position and to come home and be “mom” we saw an increase in my hubby’s business. Summer months are traditionally slow for him, but this summer he has stayed busy and all of our needs were provided and very thankful for that. This summer did not allow the trips and the extras that we normally enjoy since we are down to one income, but we have made the most of the summer. We pray that the Lord continues to bless my hubby and that with me at home, some of his work goals and dreams will finally come true. Praying that the Lord blesses this chapter in our family and that we can enjoy being a family of 5 more often than we have in the past.


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