A New Chapter Begins


This week is a huge week in my house. As of Friday, I will officially have 3 kiddos in elementary school. The phrase ” The years are short, but the days are long,” has been ringing in my head for a couple of weeks now. We walked a hard road of miscarriages and infertility before we had kids. Even with as long as that road was it seems like just yesterday we found out we were expecting our daughter. Then the boys came quickly after she did. Because our kids were literally stair steps, the first couple of years were a blur. Eventually we settled into a routine and then when my sweet peanut was 2 I had the privilege of coming home to be a part time stay at home. I loved having the schedule of kids in preschool/ MDO 2 days a week and then home for 3 days. It worked well for all of us. Munchkin eventually moved onto kindergarten and then last fall I sent blue eyes. Peanut is now following them.

My kids are excited to start school. School supplies, backpacks and lunch boxes have been purchased. Peanut is all about Spider Man. Just about everything he has been able to pick out has Spider Man on it. He even scored some Spider Man clothes at Gymboree over the weekend. Blues eyes is all  about Star Wars. Munchkin has chosen all things unicorns and rainbows. It’s been fun to watch their individual personalities come out with school shopping this fall.

We have open house today where we will go meet teachers and drop off supplies. The older 2 will start school full time tomorrow morning. Peanut has his phase in day on Friday and will start school full time on Monday. That means on Friday, I won’t get my time with peanut like I’ve had the past couple of years. It also means my house will be extremely quiet Monday through Friday.

As I look back to where we started and where we are now, it also makes me extremely grateful for teachers at church and school who taught and loved on my kids. Without these ladies, I don’t know where we would be. I’m afraid to start naming people for fear of leaving any out, but I do have a few people I would like to personally thank. The first come from HUM School were my kids attended for a combined total of 7 years. Both boys had Mrs. Denise for the 2s program and I’m pretty sure they never would have been potty trained if it weren’t for her.Not sure what she did, but both boys reached this milestone and grew so much in her class. The other teacher I need to thank is Mrs. Laura. We had a child in her class for 4 years. Munchkin had her 2 years in a row and then each of my boys had her. Our family walked through several transitions while the kids were in her class. She provided a sense of security and stability for my kids. My kids were allowed to be kids in her class and she allowed their personalities to shine through. Laura also made sure my kids learned needed skills and that they were ready to move onto kindergarten. It’s been a little hard to swallow we won’t have a child in her classroom this year.

At church, my kids have had so many wonderful leaders in their lives. Mrs. Bridget had all 3 kids when we first started attending The Glade. The kids will take off running to give her a hug. She holds a special place in all of our hearts. This year is the last year we will have a child in the preschool ministry. The transition from the baby hall to the preschool hall was a difficult transition and this transition has been difficult as well. Trying to not think about the fact that next year we will no longer have a kiddo downstairs with her. Then there is Mrs. Cassie. My blue eyed boy has a special connection with her. She has found his strengths and encouraged them. He loves to lead worship and she has nurtured that in him the past couple of years. I pray he continues to look to her. My daughter loves and adores Mrs. Amy. Munchkin has been a part of the dance ministry around 4 years now and looks forward to Wednesday nights. Amy has allowed my daughter to be 100% girly girl and fully herself, giggles and all. My daughter thinks the world of her. My 2 oldest are upstairs with Mrs. Rebecca. I am excited to watch munchkin continue to grow in her faith and looking forward to both of them coming to Christ when they’re ready.

While my kids and our family are entering new phases of life, I am grateful for everyone who has walked alongside of them so far. I pray for a great year for my 3 kiddos and the other kids who are headed back to school this week. I pray for peace in the changes as well as for those who will be leading my kids this year.


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