Not Ready


It seems just like yesterday I found out I was pregnant. Today, I am waiting on a phone call from the elementary school to tell me who my daughter will have as a kindergarten teacher. Kindergarten. It seems to me that my “baby” girl should still be in diapers, toddling around, with a binky in her mouth, carrying her blanket and favorite doll around the house. How did she get to be a sassy, independent little thing who is getting ready to start elementary school?

Last weekend, we went and bought school supplies, along with new school clothes. She has a brand new “big girl” backpack. She also has a brand new lunch box that was purchased on a trip back in the spring.

Kindergarten. Nope. Still can’t wrap my head around it. When people told me how fast time would fly, I didn’t believe them. I thought I had plenty of time to enjoy my “baby” girl. It seems like I blinked and she had grown up on me. Kindergarten. Wow. This is “real” school. Having her home 3 out of 5 weekdays is getting ready to disappear. Having the ability to hang out at home on a Monday in jammies is getting ready to disappear. The ability to take her to a Wednesday morning play date is also getting ready to disappear. I had so much planned for her last summer before “real” school started and we have barely accomplished any of it.

Kindergarten. Yes, she is ready. We were blessed with the best MDO/ preschool program any parent could ask for. Her teachers worked with her to help prepare her for this milestone in her life. The director of her school loves all of her students and has worked to create and loving environment where the kids are excited to learn. Munchkin had the same teacher for her last 2 years at the school and I can’t even begin to put into words how I feel about her. I will say that my daughter has the teacher on a pedestal. If this teacher said anything, then to my daughter, it was as good as written in stone. My daughter has told me several times throughout the summer that she wishes this same teacher was going to be her kindergarten teacher. There are some pretty amazing teachers out there, but there will always be 1 or 2 that stand out to you and this teacher is definitely one of those teachers.

We haven’t made it to this point in my daughter’s life without the help of family and friends. My daughter has been blessed to have many loving adults speaking love and truth into her life. She has been surrounded by adults who have taken the time to invest her. I know that whatever life may throw at her in the years to come, she has a godly group of adults who will be there for her and to guide her.

The difference between my daughter and I at this point in time, is that I want to hold on tight and she is ready to go. We call her our “social butterfly” and “cruise director in training.” She is about as independent as they come. She has no fear when it comes to new social situations. Whenever we go to a park, or playground, or any other place, it never fails, she comes back and gives me information on a new friend or 2. My daughter talks about meeting new friends and has already starting planning playdates with kids she hasn’t even met yet. She is looking forward to playing on the new playground. She is even excited to go on her first field trip. Munchkin is ready to go and it’s time for her to go, but this mama’s heart is struggling. If it’s this bad and kindergarten hasn’t even started, I can’t fathom what middle school, high school and college will look like.

In a couple of weeks when she has completed her phase in day and started her first full day or week of school, I will share how we have both handled the transition. For now, my heart goes out to all of the mamas sending their first born kiddos off to kindergarten and those with kiddos hitting the next major milestones. As I have said to several other friends, there really ought to be a support group for this and chocolate should be mandatory at all the meetings.


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