Reflections of Lent


This is a time of year when my Catholic/ Episcopalian roots seem to come to the surface. I don’t view this as a bad thing, but instead it causes me to be more reflective than normal. Being a Southern Baptist, Lent is not something that is ever discussed in church and I feel so many are missing out on an important part of this season as we start to prepare our hearts for Easter.

This year I didn’t feel that I needed to “sacrifice” anything, but instead that I needed to set a goal of something to accomplish. As I thought and prayed, I felt that because of the journey I have been on, taking control of my health and getting me back to a place where I could physically do the things I want and need to do that my goal for this Lent would be to run/ walk 100 miles. During this time, I would typically cover roughly 70 miles, so this was adding more time on the road and causing me to carve out extra time to accomplish this goal.

Pretty sure that the Lord sat on His throne and laughed as I set this goal. Life has been crazy for my family the past several months and then add in weather on top of that and it has made accomplishing this goal almost impossible. As I head into this week, I have knocked out roughly 35 miles. That leaves 65 miles between now and Easter Sunday morning. This past week, I thought I would be able to hit the treadmill or road 5 times and it only happens twice. This week, I am filling in for our church secretary, so my miles will be low this week as well. Hopefully, we will finally be moving into our new home sometime by the end of the month which also cut into my time to hit the road.

I don’t say this as a “feel bad for me,” but more of this is the reality of where I have been over the past couple of months. As I have prayed, the thing I keep hearing from the Lord is “rest in Me.” Rest. If you know me well, you know that this is not something that I do well. It is something I would love to do, but I struggle to just sit and rest. I also struggle to rest in the Lord. By nature I am a doer and fixer. This means that I sometimes butt heads with the Lord because I choose to try and take on things that aren’t mine to handle. There has been more than one time when the Lord has allowed things to pop up in my life where I have had no other choice but to wait on Him and trust in Him to provide or take care of a situation.

As you are walking through this season of Lent, I want to challenge you to really look and listen for what it is the Lord wants you to learn and/or do during this time. You may have set some lofty goals for Lent, or you may have “sacrificed” a long list of things, but do take time to do a heart check. As we head to the middle of this season, take time to reflect and pray about whether or not you need to continue these things from now until Easter. It may be that you need to do something or you may be like me and the Lord wants you to just stop, rest and spend time with Him. I think so many of us think that we have to do or not do something during Lent, when in reality Lent is about preparing our hearts for Easter.


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