Mommy Friends and CFA


This morning I loaded all 3 of my kids in the mini van and headed to a local CFA to meet other moms and kiddos for a play group. My kids were excited to see their friends and eat at their favorite place. While I was happy to get them out of the house for a couple of hours, it’s never an easy feat getting 3 kids ready and out the door. This morning was cloudy and dreary and a part of me was tempted to text one of the moms and tell her that we were going skip out, but I didn’t and out the door we went.

Once we arrived, my kids were ready to jump out of the van. As soon as we walked in and they saw their friends, they took off running and squealing with delight. As I approached, I was honestly happy to see the other 2 mothers already sitting at the tables. These are 2 women that I have really only known for about a year, but have come to cherish their friendships.

Kids were fed and sent off the play area. Yes, I love this about CFA. Moms can sit and chat while keeping our eyes on our kids in the play area without actually having to go in there. Plus, how can you go wrong when eating anything at CFA? Their food is incredible, especially for fast food.

The other 2 moms may not think twice about the conversation from this morning, but it meant a great deal to me. It may be me, but for some reason, I feel that the conversations at CFA seem to be deeper and more substantial among the moms, than at some of the other places we have play groups. Not sure if this is because our kiddos are truly out of earshot, or that we actually sit and face each other while talking. Whatever the reason, I look forward to play group at CFA.

Today was no different than any other play group, but I walked away from the conversation with the other 2 moms feeling more encouraged than I have felt in a while. We talked about the joys and struggles of being moms and the different issues we are going through with our kids. We also talked about long term goals and I was given the boost that I needed. Thanks to one of the mothers I have switched my blog from over here to wordpress. Both moms gave me suggestions and ideas on how to expand my readership. My goal is to reach a wider audience with my blog, in the hopes of starting to speak at moms’ groups, women’s events and retreats.

In an earlier blog, I had shared my dream of being a speaker, but have never really taken any steps to try and make that happen. Last summer I had a long conversation with one of the pastors from my church and he challenged me to write one blog post a week. I did that for about 6 weeks and then my posts were much more sporadic. This morning one of the moms issued the same challenge. While I can’t make any promises that I will make one post a week, I am certainly going to try. My hope is that my blog will somehow translate into invitations to speak to different groups.

The conversation from this morning left me feeling encouraged and challenged. It also served as a reminder that I have people, other than my husband and family, supporting me. There are others who believe I can achieve my dream. I come across as overly confident and sometimes even a little cocky, but the truth is I am like most other people and what others think of me does matter. I needed this boost this morning. I needed to hear that I can achieve my goals and dreams.

Thank you for reading my first post here on wordpress. If you would like to go back and read my previous blog posts, feel free to head over to my old blog at and catch up on old posts. Not sure how long I will keep that blog up, since I will no longer be making posts over there, but you will see where I have been and some of where I hope to go. Thanks again for joining me on this journey.


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